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A little thing called the tongue

Speaking words of affirmation has never come easily to me. My personality lends itself to being acutely accurate and my speech tends to be to the point, leaving very little room for me to truly affirm the people in my life. However, there was a turning point when I began to grasp how truly my words and even my lack of words affected me and the people in my life. That turning point was witnessing a friend using her words to give life. I watched as she complimented someone whom the world would ... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015

A little Favor and a little Protection

Anybody else looking for a little favor in this life along with a little protection? If I were to get real personal and share some of my prayers for my life and for my family with you, you would soon see a theme developing. I am constantly asking for God's favor in our lives as well as His protection. So you can imagine, when I stumbled upon Psalm 5 one day last week, I was struck by verse 12 which reads, "For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with ... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 26, 2015

Can you be Influential?

Are you aware there is a book in the Bible where the name of God is not even mentioned? This ten-chapter book (which incidentally takes up a mere seven pages in my Bible) tells the story of a young woman who wields immense influence in the life of her husband and ultimately an entire race of the Lord’s people. This remarkable woman, was the original Cinderella. Now, before you shut me out because life is so unfair as to actually make riches out of rags, it was not her steep social climb that... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 5, 2015