A little Favor and a little Protection

Anybody else looking for a little favor in this life along with a little protection? If I were to get real personal and share some of my prayers for my life and for my family with you, you would soon see a theme developing. I am constantly asking for God's favor in our lives as well as His protection. So you can imagine, when I stumbled upon Psalm 5 one day last week, I was struck by verse 12 which reads, "For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 26, 2015

Hit my Knees - repost

Today, January 11, 2015 marks 3 years since my son, Cooper had his sternum reopened to clean out an infection that developed in his chest after open heart surgery two weeks earlier. When we spoke to the doctors after surgery, all they could tell us was that they had gotten all of the infection. However, they were unable to give us the 100% assurance that he would fully recover and be okay. My son was so sick and it was an incredibly scary road to walk down. God did heal Cooper and if you were... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Sunday, Jan 11, 2015

My job, his Job

[Repost from August 2012] I just spent two months with my husband home almost 24/7 as we enjoyed the gift of a sabbatical. I wondered before the sabbatical started if I would enjoy having Andy home all the time. I wasn’t sure if I would feel the need to explain my every move, would I feel the need to be cleaning or folding laundry every free second and the list goes on. The truth is I did enjoy it! We are at a stage in life where our boys can be very demanding in what it requires to... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 5, 2015

THAT kid . . . Today and Tomorrow

THAT kid . . . Today and Tomorrow I was reminded yesterday that I have that kid. Sometimes, that child of mine has a rough day. It happened, yesterday. We’ve had a great three week run of good days and good behavior at school. But not yesterday. Yesterday, I got the look from the teacher and the “he had a hard day talk” followed by “the list” of his actions. And then the grand finale, “You know there are about two or three other children that like to do exactly what he does, so when he... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 5, 2015

Can you be Influential?

Are you aware there is a book in the Bible where the name of God is not even mentioned? This ten-chapter book (which incidentally takes up a mere seven pages in my Bible) tells the story of a young woman who wields immense influence in the life of her husband and ultimately an entire race of the Lord’s people. This remarkable woman, was the original Cinderella. Now, before you shut me out because life is so unfair as to actually make riches out of rags, it was not her steep social climb... Read More
Posted by Amanda Savage at Monday, Jan 5, 2015